💡 Happy International Women’s Day!

Mar 8, 2022 | Uncategorised

Today is a day to celebrate the women of the world! To celebrate each and every one of us for our own unique qualities and way we shows up as individuals.

I have drawn hundreds of women, and I try to include a wide and diverse range. From the flowing gowns of lady spring in the Spring Wheel to the wide arms of Grandmother winter in the winter wheel. My art is covered with female teachers and founders, mother earth and dancing fairies.

This International Women’s Day theme: #BreakTheBias encourages and challenges us all to, it feels personal to me as a “tomboy” as I was called as a child. But that’s not all of me I change outfits and looks, I have tough days and soft days. Just like every human on the planet. I think it’s my job as an artist to share as many different ideas on the roles boys and girls and men and women might have as possible. Before Wilded Family I started Dauntless Daughters a not-for-profit designed to share empowering diverse role models to primary school children. Then I realised it wasn’t enough we needed to break the bias on boy and girls and men and women and encourage humans to be kind. So that’s how Wilded Family came to approach STEM resources. Not green gunge for boys and perfume making for girls. Not just nature for everyone!

imagine a world without bias, where everyone is treated equally. Imagine what the future might look like if we all work together to #breakthebias

Together let’s make powerful strides through our society, not just for IWD but every single day.

To celebrate today #IWD here are just a few of the women from my illustrations:


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