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Waldorf Family

Form | Colour | Earth

Waldorf Family make sustainable home decor and educational products for families. Our intention is to help children and their grown-ups see the beauty and wonder in all things, from times tables to the passing of the seasons. Each of our products aims to engage hands, hearts and minds using beautiful flowing colours and original illustration. For us, beauty is everywhere and thoughts are turned into forms. Nature is the first source of creation and inspiration.

We believe that soulful thought translated into forms and colours can vivify home and we should all have art in our lives. We understand the importance of creating a home slowly, the need to think about the future, the urgency to become more aware of how our decisions have an impact on the world around us. Products we design are a balance of functional utility, spiritual function, artistic design, and sustainability.

We use materials from the earth because they are handled with care and do no harm. Everything we create can be returned to the earth or recycled.

If you need to get in touch with us please email emma @ Waldorf Family.com or call 01562 711038

Company number 07070405. VAT number GB 362 2498 89

Registered office address, Rush Farm, Stockwood, Nr Redditch B96 6SX. Waldorf Family Limited in a company registered in England and Wales.