Welcome to our Waldorf Family blog, a few thoughts about seasonal living and hand on learning. I want to help open the door to seeing beauty and wonder in all things, from times tables to the passing of the seasons. Nature remains my muse, my first source of creation and inspiration.

I believe we can have soulful homes, surround ourselves with art and creativity. I know from my journey the importance of creating a home slowly, the need to think about the future, the urgency to become more aware of how our decisions have an impact on the world around us. Everything I made trys to balance functional, form and soul.

  • Conscious consumerism and simple living
    In the modern world it’s all too easy to forget nature. It’s easy to have something else to do. It’s easy to overlook the delicate transformation which is taking place in the natural world around us. It’s even easier to drown in stuff, clutter and in our own busy, busy lives. When our babies were Read More
  • Bringing Nature Home
    What goes on a nature table? Where do you keep it? What about when the children bring the twelfth conker and twentieth feather back from the woods? The simple answer is that a nature table can be whatever you want it to be.  Simple or elaborate. The important bit is that however you do it Read More
  • Festivals
    Why do we, across all religions – from ancient to modern – celebrate the turning of the wheel, the changing of the seasons? Apart from being traditions, they are a wonderful way to renew and refresh ourselves. It’s a great way to ‘touch base’ with Mother Earth. I consider the Earth, our home, as more Read More
  • Top Spring Gardening Tips With Children
    Children learn a lot through observation and the best way to teach them where food comes from is by growing some vegetables in a home garden. The garden does not have to be large, just a couple of containers on a balcony or deck is a good way to start a spring garden. Gardening with Read More
  • New Year, Fresh Starts!
    As we begin to welcome spring. A time of transition, awakening and light. We look forward to renewed energy, the longer lighter days and returning to the outdoors. In this energy of new creation we have created a subscription box that can be delivered directly to your door. Our Seasonal Table subscription box is designed Read More
  • Spring Season: Candlemas – 2nd February
    Simple living is not something we arrive at or accomplish. It is something that we nurture throughout our entire lives.-KAETLYN ANNE A little bit of background Most festivals are not new celebrations, many have been around for centuries. Festivals help us connect to our history. Just such a festival, Candlemas, is the first festival of Read More
  • 5 practical ways to avoid Chrismtas Commercialism
    Many of us feel overwhelmed and disappointed by the commercialism of Christmas: it can help to think about what you want Christmas to mean for your family?The mood in our house, in the build up to Christmas, is one of stillness and peace, an intake of breath and joyful expectation, a pause before the breath Read More
  • TOP 3 favourite ways to bring a slow Halloween home
    What does this festival mean to you? At the end of October comes ALL SOULS and HALLOWEEN. The spirits of the Dead are said to draw closer to the Earth at this time. The nights are drawing in now and physically we experience a drawing-in to our homes. Bonfire Night is a great experience for Read More
  • Observation: nurturing critical skills for science
    Observation and Our Future: Observation is not simply noticing something. It’s more than that. It’s something that we all start doing from our childhood; something that is done intuitively. All science begins with the close observation and direct experience of physical world. From this foundation children can gather evidence and rather than just describing what Read More
  • The Ultimate guide to working with the Phases of the Moon.
    Does that silvery coin the dark blankets of the night sky call to you each month? For many thousands of years humans have looked in wonder at our moon. Did you know in the midst of time when the Earth was forming the moon and earth where one? In our modern world we have a Read More
  • Seasonal Living and Children
    Children are naturally curious about the world, so it is a terrific time to introduce them to the festivals of their ancestors and contemporaries. If we can practice living seasonally at home, it can be a fantastic way to connect children to their place in the world. Seasonal living also creates the opportunity to connect Read More
  • How Hands on Learning Benefits Children
    Children learn from many different activities and teaching styles and of course the best way to teach children is dependent on each child. However, many children find that hands on learning is instrumental in helping them to deeply retain information. For instance, if you want to teach a child to throw and catch a ball, Read More