Elderflower Cordial Recipe

Jun 28, 2021 | Recipes

I think everyone must have an Elderflower cordial recipe tucked up their sleeve. From Mid-May onwards, that wonderful hedgerow dweller the Elder will have its beautiful scented white heads of flowers out.


7/8 Elderflower heads

400 grams sugar

3 pints water

1 Unwaxed Lemon

Bottle (sterilised)


Head out with a bowl or bucket in the morning when the sun is out to get the most out of the flowers. Don’t pick them after the suns down or when it’s raining (it just won’t taste as good) I would also avoid road sides because the plant will have picked up all sorts from the passing vehicles.

Gather about 7 or 8 heads – picking of bugs as you go! At home remove the stems of the flowers, most of the time the flowers just shake off.

When you get home, in a saucepan add 400grams of sugar to 3 pints of water and boil. Leave to cool.

Take a lemon and with a peeler remover the zest and add that to your flowers.

Chop the lemon into thin slices and pop that in.

When cool add the sugar water.

Leave over night to infuse.

Use a sieve as you pour the mix into sterilised bottles. Seal the bottles with corks or tops


Enjoy as a refreshing drink by adding a couple of tablespoons to a glass of water. Or for the more adventurous add a splash or two to water and freeze for refreshing ice lollies that the kiddos love.

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