Hello, my name’s Stephanie Green. I am the artist & founder of Waldorf Family. Don’t get me wrong this site is for anyone looking for inspiration towards season living, nature and children, not just Waldorf Families.

I grew up on a farm, in the rolling Quantocks hills in Somerset. My brothers and I were all free and spirited children. My childhood was filled with endless summers and warm winter fires. Food straight from the fields and nature all around us.

After completing a Sociology Degree, I dived into the world of publishing and at 21, I was elected as the UK’s youngest District Councillor. I was dedicated to my community and business. I left to nourish my creative soul. Finding my path, firstly as an artist and later joining a design studio in Bristol.

After the birth of two beautiful children, the urge to connect with nature was compelling. I embraced Waldorf handwork projects and natural crafting which used all the treasures from our walks.  I studied and shared at every opportunity. Today I illustrate, design and write from my own studio in Worcestershire. I run craft sessions with children and adults. Nurturing my family with seasonal foods and bringing the festivals to life in our own home. I am still moved everyday by the wonder of our natural world.

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