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Waldorf Family Colour Resource Pack comes with one large intricately illustrated wooden colour wheel and four beautiful smaller teaching parts (all wood). Perfect for teaching children about colours and their relationships with one another. Using these tools children can learn, Mixing Colours, Colour tints, Complimentary Colours and Natural habitats. The wheel can be used as artwork when lessons are not taking place!
Help children discover allows them to learn how mixing different hues creates new tints as well as temperature differences between different colours. Discover, not just the colours, but their relationship to one another, their temperature and their opposites. Just looking at these beautiful illustrations and the wonderful rainbow wheel will encourage your children to experiment with what they think might happen if you combine two specific kinds together
Imagine the possibilities for your child’s creativity when they are thinking about colours in imaginative ways. When learning colour theory they are imaging what a hot colour evokes, where a cold colour can be found: With this in mind, a cross curricular approach can be taken – using the colour wheel to uncover habitats and latterly with our language add on kit. You can use the same tool to help with learning languages and sciences.
This wooden wheel is designed to grow with children as they learn from a very young age, looking and introducing simple primary, secondary and tertiary colour mixing; to older children as they investigate habitats and languages.

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