Waldorf Maths Numbers Poster


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Large size Alphabet Poster, A3, eco friendly recycled poster. Teaching your children the Alphabet just got easier. Expose your kids at their young age to nature, colour and orginal art. Through this learning alphabet poster, they get to know not just the letters, but the special character of vowels and flora and fauna. Illustrations by Stephanie Green. Playfully learn the ABCs, find or think up words, guess pictures or simply enjoy the colours and whimsical nature of this stunning art print.

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Bring colour and imagination into your nursery, school or homeschool with this stunning Waldorf Maths Numbers poster. Hand drawn illustration by Stephanie Green this poster brings the idea of the numbers to children in an accessible way. Share a love of storytelling, nature and wonder with your children through original, hand drawn art.
Through this Waldorf Maths numbers poster you can get to know not just the numbers, spotting the dots to count, the elements in the pictures. You can sing songs with the poster or tell stories with each number world being a small beautiful scene.
A poster for the children’s room with illustrations of Stephanie Green. “Stephanie Green is an illustrator from rural Worcestershire in Britain. Creating space to dream, her illustrations are wonderful mix of nostalgia and whimsy. She shares her magical world filled with beauty, wonder and nature.”

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