Rabbit finger puppet, animal finger puppets printable

Apr 10, 2021 | ART, DECOR, Festivals, Nature Table

These little finger puppets are a great hand work project for older children or a wonderful one for adults to make and use in storytelling with younger children.


2 colours of felt, one white sheet at least 8.5cm x 10cm

One bright spring colour at least 8.5cm x 10cm


White wool (for the tail)


Cut 2 white rabbits pieces and two coloured rabbits pieces.

Position the cut felt with the two colours pieces inside and the two white pieces on the outside of each side. (white, coloured, coloured, white)

Sew around the edge of the body with a small running stitch. Marked with the dotted line.

Sew one piece of coloured felt to the white outer felt, to create one ear, following the diamond line. Repeat to create the second ear.

With Pink thread create a nose by sewing over point a several times

Sew two small eyes (one each side) with blue or black thread at point c

For the tail make a small wool pompom, by wrapping the white wool  two fingers several times, tie in the centre and then cut the loops at both ends. Attach to point b.

 Gently add a small amount of wool roving to the head to make a nice shape.


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