Multiplication Wheel




The Waldorf Family Multiplication Wheel.

We make Maths more human.

You can use this multiplication guide, with or without the times tables songs and the maths wheel, to help a child to investigate step counting and multiplication. When we give time and the right tools to children they will learn.The beauty of giving children the multiplication wheel is that we allow them to work independatly. We know self-actuated learning takes root as a much deeper learning. As well as independent learning, the multiplication wheel brings beauty and sensory learning. All humans respond to colour but perhaps none more so than children, colour fills us with joy. Starting number work from this perspective of joy is a positive foundation to have in place.

Multi Sensory Learning

The multiplication wheel facilitates multi senory learning. We are not just our hands or eyes or ears, we are amazingly complex creatures. Our maths tools responds to children on many levels, colours, sounds, textures as well as intellectually. Being able to give physical form to the abstract concept of “maths” is a great help for children.

Self-Actuated Learning

Number wheels are used by children as a tool to learn and practice the times tables as well as to practice the numbers themselves. Seeing how beautiful the patterns of each number set develops really allows children to engage with the beauty of maths. This is a guide for children – who are either learning how to step count or learning a times table. Versitile and hardy our Multiplicaiton wheel gently encorages children to spot the patterns in the times tables. As they follow the beautiful flowing colours of the rainbow they will become increasing fluid in counting in this way.

Product details

295mm diameter the wheel is made from 9mm FSC Approved sustainalbe plywood.All packaging is made from recycled cardboard. The box and packing is compostable/recyclable. Our products are made in the UK, we work hard to keep our airmiles in manufacturing low.

This is an educational tool and should be used with the supervision of an adult.

Additional information

Weight 0.45 kg
Dimensions 32 × 32 × 5 cm
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